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The Happy Monk太阳店 开业于2015年,坐落在太阳新天地的东门广场。毫无疑问,店选生啤、鸡尾酒和炸鱼薯条依然倍受客人们欢迎,为了营造不一样的体验,太阳店从装潢就开始便下足功夫。简约的设计,黑色的基调配合柔和的灯光,带给大家既品质又舒适的感受。格外宽敞的室外空间更是吸引许多朋友们来这里享受休闲时光。相信没有什么能比和朋友看完一场电影下来到The Happy Monk听一听轻松的音乐,点一杯鲜榨果昔和一份自制烘焙点心更让人心情愉悦了吧。

As a western style bar & restaurant with seats and tables both inside and out, modern furnishings and an extensive range of music, the Happy Monk’s third location at Happy Valley is a place to boot. It has Happy Hour every day, a selection of home bakery, and nice pub food for you to enjoy your time off work.

How to find HM3 / 怎么找到HM3

  • 地址:广州市珠江新城马场路36号太阳新天地一层124铺
  • Address: Unit 124, G/F, Happy Valley Shopping Mall, 36 Machang Rd, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
  • 电话 / Tel: +86 (0) 20 3832 5317
  • 营业时间 / Opening Hours:
    • Monday to Thursday / 周一到周四: 10:30am – 02:00am
    • Friday to Saturday / 周五和周六: 10:30am – 03:00am
    • Sunday / 周日: 10:30am – 02:00am

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