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The Happy Monk兴盛店开业于2014年,作为城中热门餐吧,其出品保持了一贯的高水准。店选生啤、鸡尾酒、汉堡薯条等美食酒水等深受客人们喜爱。相比建五店的经典,位于兴盛路的这一间在其追随的泛英伦式风格上更进了一步。进门就能看到的从英国多处收罗而来的产自上世纪70年代的Chesterfield沙发,二楼同时期的复古墙纸,各种古铜小摆设,复古和现代装潢交错的风格让其在这条遍地都是酒吧的路上更亮眼。伴随着热情的音乐,相信The Happy Monk会让您感受到不一样的酒吧文化,成为您在广州释放压力享受生活的最佳去处之一。

The Happy Monk Xingsheng is a hip and happening western-style bar located near the W Hotel in Liede. Imported Chesterfield sofas, 1930s-70s UK wall papers with large sliding doors opening out onto an outdoor terrace, great cocktails, excellent food and hot music videos on multiple screens have made the Happy Monk a true destination of choice for both locals and expats alike.

How To Find HM2 / 怎么找到HM2

  • 地址:广州市珠江新城兴盛路7号109铺
  • Address: Unit 109, 7 Xingsheng Rd, Zhujiang New Town, Guangzhou
  • 电话 / Tel: +86 (0) 20 3877 8679
  • 营业时间 / Opening Hours:
    • Monday to Thursday / 周一到周四: 10:30am – 02:00am
    • Friday to Saturday / 周五和周六: 10:30am – 03:00am
    • Sunday / 周日: 10:30am – 02:00am

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